A letter of love - Happy Valentine Day!

February 14, 2019

Hi. How are you? What are you doing now? I wish you happy wherever and whenever you are. By the way, it's valentine day. Happy valentine day!

Some couple booked table for dinner, some people just enjoy Netflix and grab Rebo kwaci bean. Apart from pro and cons, about chocolate is Haram and so on, let me tell you a story.

Every person in this planet have ever fallen in love. With different way, unique, and unexpected. Fallen in love can be happen even only in one blink of an eye. It happens only 0,000000 seconds and you can't resist how faster your heartbeat bumping.

Every person allowed to be falling in love.

Some how, we can't control our feeling, how to stop caring for people who don't care about us. Or how to start accepting person who truly loves you, but pretty hard to admit that you're not in the same feeling.

Times went so fast. We don't have Doraemon, to open the door and bring us to the flashback moment. What already said it's said. We can't took back our words. We only have one chance, do it now or never.

Some people decide to admit their feeling and said "Mmm I like you. No matter what's your response, I do love you. That's all." Either rejected or accepted, as long as it's released, feel better.

But some another people. They choose to be quite and not telling any single words. Just keep their feeling perfectly and waiting for the time, time to let it go.

In this beautiful day, a symbol of caring and loving, don't forget to be happy. To every couple in this world who read this, please take care of each other.

To every person who still fight relationship by distance, don't worry, be patient, time still prepare wonderful moment ahead for you so you can be together again.

To every person who still stay single, no you're not alone.Do we need somebody just to feel like we're alright? Or we just scared to be lonely?

Enjoy your time, love your self more than any body else.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a letter of love. Thank you for coming here.

14 February 2019

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