We're still struggling

November 23, 2019

Hi there, how are you? I hope you do well. Eat a lot, drink mineral water enough, don't get sick and be happy. A world not that cruel, you deserve what you deserved for what you've done. My mom ever told me, "Nothing good comes easy, Lidya". There must be a struggle behind all blessings.

I envy, I envy those who work harder than me, who earn more than me. I wondered, why were they like that and I was still just here?

Trust me, you'll never be happy if you drink your own toxic. Toxic of comparing yourself with others in a negative way. Although comparing yourself is not something that can be easily avoided. It's just, how do we understand the success of others with what we do and we have now.

Being at the lowest point sometimes gives you the most valuable lesson. To make you learn how to be grateful, that there are still many people who are less luckier than you, even though it feels bad when we can't be as lucky as the people we know.

When you are in the lowest position and you can get through it, you will realize that what you will get is worth your struggle. I believe in the process, even though I want acceleration. Even though some people say if we can take the elevator why should we take the stairs?

Everyone has the right to determine how they achieve what they want. We can't get people to think the same way we do, as I make you agree with me. You must have a way, choices, views and thoughts that are different from mine. To be sure, believe in your choices and you must fight to the end.

After all, we don't live in an evil world. People can be evil, doesn't mean we can't do good. Do good for others and especially for ourselves. Stay respectful of people who have been good to you, one mistake does not mean you have to hate it forever.

I, you, and others are still struggling to understand and enjoy a world that is sometimes friendly and sometimes unfriendly. Life is too short to think it's hard.

For anyone who reads this, there must be a price worth your struggle. You are still struggling and everything that happens has a reason.

Just enjoy everything. All I want to say is, "Bahagia itu akan datang di waktu yang tepat", happy will come at the right time.

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