When we should define what we need, not what we want

January 29, 2019

Hi there, how are you? Hope you doing well, wherever you are. Far from you, I guess there's a person who miss you a lot but can't say nothing but pray. I'm not lying, because I might be the one of who always praying to someone without telling ém.

Its almost 00.00 AM and I can't sleep. No matter how hard I close my eyes and pray before sleep. This words always whispering in my head. So yeah, I gave up. I let my body woke up and open this laptop, let my finger type in and last, let my heart talks toward this words. 

When we're talk about what we need and what we want, it's not easy to define or choose both. Somehow we don't know exactly what we need and what we want. 

Can you imagine, if you have one movie ticket but it can be applied on different movie in the same time. One horror movie and romance movie, which one do you need most? Which one do you want to see the most? 

I have single story of mine.

I remember that night, in one of mall in Jakarta. I was waiting my friend complete her shopping in supermarket, why I'm not joining her? Because I'm broke. I don't have enough money to buy anything except food. And I just standing in front of the cashier area, across me, I saw bakery shop. 

I was hungry. I can't resist. I distract my stomach voice by reading stories in Wattpad but its not working. I started to stare the bakery shop again, and back to my phone screen. And it happens again. For many times, I tried to walk and visit the bakery shop. Finally.

I only have 15k cash. Yes, I admit it, I'm totally broke and I'm not lying. It's more than 45 minutes I'm waiting my friend and she doesn't comes out, I think she still busy with her stuff and maybe standing for queued at the cashier. I don't care, the thing is, I have to deal with my hungry tummy.

My eyes visits to greentea donuts, oh God, I still remember the picture in my head. Second, I saw bread similiar with "Roti Boy" or "Roti O". I want greentea donut so bad, like really really bad. But its too small, it just only one or two bite and gone. And then I stare to another bread, I don't really want it, but I know it can help my hunger. 

With my limited cash, I have to choose one of them. I spent 5 minutes to think by staring of each, which one I want to buy. I do really want you, my greentea donut, but sorry I have to pick the bread with big size one to fulfilled my hunger :(

And that's simple story. I have to sacrifice what I want for something what I need based on what I have. 

Got my point?

So yes. Think twice before defining what you really need the most or something you want that sparkling in your eyes. This case can be applied on many cases. Not only for defining what food you need to choose for your hunger, but more than that. It can be for your career, your relationship stories, and many more.

About choosing career, its not about what you really want. Everybody needs money, yes. But does money answer all your question? Does money can buy happiness just like what Jessie said on Price Tag song?

Choosing career its about investing your capability in time. Don't worry for what you've done now, you've done great anyway. As long as you know and realize you doing well, go ahead. But if you know you're doing wrong, get up and fix it.

Last, how to define what you need and what you want in relationship. Most of us already create our dream boyfriend or girlfriend, some people want beautiful and handsome one and else. But at the end, we will find what we really need to be with us. Not with the fancy car, not with popular one, not with up to 5k follower on Instagram, or not with the most handsome or beautiful. 

But just simple one, with super clumsy, ordinary, not really beautiful but sweet, and some one who really beyond expectation that can make single smile on our face. And that's it, that's what you really need :)

Hopefully with this words, it can warms your heart. From here, I'm wishing you have wonderful journey with your defining--what you need the most or what you want :)

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