I thought I was reborn but it turns out I'm the same person

September 26, 2021

Still in progress to bring me back. I will be more consistent in writing and writing what is in my head, letting it flow like water that comes down from a mountain. I hope you're also struggling to find who you are again like I did.

You know, I love to pick the "I thought I was reborn but it turns out I'm the same person" line as a topic. Why? Because I feel it. Do people think that caterpillars will change if becoming a butterfly is reborn, just because they have wings and beautiful motifs? Man, come on, they're still caterpillars.

Many people claim that they are reborn, they will turn into new people. Just because you were hurt, you will change to be a new person for the better. Even if you change, it is still possible that you will be hurt again. Because you are still you.

Instead of pushing you to be other people and claim "I'm the new person!", just be yourself. I know sounds classic. If you go to wrong way, find yourself and back. Go back to the path that you think is best. Don't listen to it from other people's words, but from yourself. Because you are still yourself.

Caterpillars also need the process of becoming a butterfly. Not about perfection, but the progress of all processes. I repeat again: progress, not perfection.

The caterpillar turns into a butterfly, it doesn't change because of its shape. They might still have the personality as a caterpillar, however, they get a better and better personality. Because they find themselves, not anybody. 

Therefore, you may consider yourself reborn. Not because you mention it and push yourself to be someone else. But you find the real you, back to your original path and purpose. You know best and understand yourself.

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