You got this

October 13, 2021

I hit replay button when I heard the song Like You from Tatiana. The song that relate to all moments. I wish I can hear this song earlier, maybe… 5 years ago? Anyway, the lyrics really empower the soul. 

To whoever have bad days, I know this sounds classic, it just a bad day not a bad life. I don’t really like motivational book, especially when the book represent success people should be. Because, every people have different paths and different privilege to achieve their happiness. 

I read some article about Jack Ma, Elon, Steve Jobs, etc. For a sake understand their good habit. The rest, I prefer not wasting my time to compare myself to be as successful as them. Like I mention, we have different bar, time and luck that will lead to what we got at the end. It depends to you, which level you set the bar. Prefer to set it as high as you can get. 

How to ensure you happy, you need to find you. Yes, find the really you are. Not pretending become someone else, not doing things just because other want it, do all things that you think it’s good for you. 

No body will cares about shit that happen to you. People will encourage you for sure. But the button power itself comes from you not anyone else. 

So get up. Your parents need you. Your son and daughter want to see you happy too. Be sad as needed, be happy to empower other’s happiness around you. Find the power button inside you. 

You are the one who can make your life beautiful and colorful. 

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