We didn't realize that we grow up

July 29, 2019

Have you ever memorize how old are you, just a second, think that number. And, with that number on your mind, have you declared yourself growing up as a person?

Well, time is time. No matter how hard we try to forget, how hard we try to remember. Time is always time that always runs. Sometimes giving opportunities, sometimes letting everything disappear as it should. 
We can't get the answer now, we can't find reason why this why that happen. 

We just need to embrace what really happen to us to keep moving on, or, other choice is, stay in your past, stay until you realize it was wasting.

Time is ticking. When we think, like, damn... time went so fast. I think yesterday we just start our day in school, now we're starring our laptop and thinking about 18.00 pm to go home. I think yesterday we just met saying I love you each other, and now we became strangers.

When you got something that make you really really disappointed, just remind this words:

"Please, grow up."

You know what to do, what grow up people do when they have same problem like you. Just think about that.

The more you can deal with your problem, the more you can embrace your past, the more you understand your self better.

My friend criticizes me because I don't like reading motivational books. Why? Why do I have to read books to be motivated? The only one who can motivate yourself is you. Not from books, films or paid seminars.

This sounds classic, but yes, the more bitter the more painful the reality, the more you can learn to grow up and think what's best for you.

Time is ticking. Make sure you contribute your time on something worth it or give a try for it. When you know, when your logic know, that what you're doing is wasting, do you have any reason to keep being wasted? 

Again, remind this words. Please, grow up.

As simple as, you can't make all people agree with your opinion. You can't make everybody likes you. You can't make people stay by your side forever and last. 

No matter how bad your day is, a day always have moon and sun. Today will be yesterday. Instead of blaming, hating, or regretting, focus on loving your self. Deal with it. We just, we didn't realize that we grow up :)

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