You can't make everybody stay on your side for last and forever

April 02, 2018

Besides we can not make everybody happy, we can not make everybody stick on our side for last and forever. It happens in relationship of families, friends, even lovers. The thing is, you can't make people you need, or want, always stay by your side.

One by one, my friend faded. Some have found a new life, new career, even new friend. The usual habits we do, such as shopping, sightseeing, even celebrating birthday each other giving some surprise plan--now slowly gone, really slowly.

I have plenty kind of friend. Friend to play a game online, friend to traveling, friend to have chit chat and coffee, friend to talk about career, friend to watch movie, friend to talk about shit from A to Z. I keep my circle friend small and maintain it very well.

So I never feel alone, well, at that time. 

But since fresh graduate moment, my college partner suddenly 'disappear.' They're not in Malang again, they step ahead to leave this comfort city and get another opportunity to keep alive. Accidentally, they leave me behind.

There's a moment, when I want to meet someone that I can rely on to hear my problem, no one was 'there'. I know I have mom, my dearest person who always available to hear anything news from me. But, you know lah, not all stories can be told to your parents, even though they are the closest people to you.

When I tried to contact my closest friend again (we already separated by city), I told her and him about my story. Their response is not the same as they are still here, by my side. They're just... "Oh? Really? Well...I think...umn..."

Then I realized. 

We can not rely on people who already far away from us. We can not be naive, open your eyes, only 'change' that immortal in this world. Losing friends is just a piece of story, many relationships that starting to fade and you can not do anything except looking for the new one.

Starting and finding new friends is not easy. Not everyone you meet, sometimes, can accept you for what it is. Sometimes you have to be a fake figure in order to mingle with them. It takes time and process to adjust until you dare to be yourself in front of them.

Finding a new one does not mean leaving the old one. I still love friends who already spent time with me yesterday. If they got their birthday, I'll try to say happy birthday even though it sometime too late to said. If they marry, I will try to come and congratulate them directly.

Why am I talking about the importance of keeping in touch with friends? 


Having a friend is the only way, to make you not feel alone, in a world that sounds a little cruel.

So, my positive vibe from me, keep a relationship that you already started well. For those who start to stay away, do not forget to ask them "How are you?". Kamu tidak tahu betapa sangat berartinya sebuah pertanyaan itu bagi seseorang.

If food can be expired, then do you think relationship can't do same thing? Relationships can also be expired.

Do not be surprised if the person who was very loving you suddenly away without cause. There is no need to look for the reason, which you need to know---once again, you can not make everybody stand by your side forever.

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  1. aaaah Lidya, you still my little "dongsaeng" who I loved the most after Iid. How are you? I miss you. ..

    1. Haloo Unniee. I'm fine mbak, how are you? Semoga baik-baik saja dan bawa kabar baik dari Bontang sana ya :D

  2. incredible writing, couldn't blink my eyes to read it, easy to understand. thank you.