If this things already makes me happy, so what I'm afraid of?

May 20, 2018

Yesterday I saw my friend was on vacation in Japan. She totally lit, can go anywhere she want and share it on her Instagram. Even after she back home in Indonesia, she wrote on her Story that she planned to Europe. Uwaw...I just drink my coffee cup and think I'm totally just piece of dust within this galaxy.

I saw another vacation-abroad. Some people go to Japan, Dubai, Europe, even in America. And me, I just put my blanket on and try to sleep earlier. Hope my dream was happier than people I saw on Instagram's Story.

Today was Saturday, I have a plan to go vacation on super-cheap and natural underwater spot. I went there with my friends from Travelingyuk Community. It's only took 1 and half hour to get there. Don't ask me the ticket, super cheap, only IDR 3000 you can swim as long as you want.

I enjoyed it. I swim right over the water, I feel happy and I can saw little fish dancing under the water. I've wrote about Sumber Sira and that's totally a place I want to go there again. It's clear, purify, and a lot of hybrida magically colour your eyes with beautiful view under the water. 

When I went home, I ride motorcycle with my friend. We both talk about our financial, we're just the same as Kahlid's song. Young, dumb, and broke.

"Can I live for one million within a months?" Such a sentence that comes out from my mouth. That's not a question, that's a complain that I can't resist. 

"Haha! What a same, Lid! I'm worst, I only have five hundred thousand for a month. Can you imagine?" he replied.

Of course no. When I heard that, to be honest, I feel happy. "Oh there's a lot of broke people than me" my heart said. I feel glad.

But then I talk to him again. "You know, on the same day, my friend were going to Japan. She looks happy and totally enjoyed it. And me? Just swimming stupidly in Sumber Sira, nothing to be compared of. I'm the magma of this earth and she's the moon on the top of this galaxy." I said it loudly and joking around but quietly serious.

"Don't say that. You look dumb, Lid." he replied. Oh yes I did, I totally dumb, my heart answered.

"It's not about Japan or Sumber Sira, it's not about what place we visited. It's about how you feel when you happy at your stage, Lid."

"You know, maybe the happiness of vacation on Sumber Sira could be better than vacation on Japan. When I saw you at Sumber Sira, you look happy playing with the water. I can't guarantee your happiness when you choose Japan, only one I can guarantee. Your feed Instagram must be wonderful from photos of Japan, am I right?"

At that moment I'm shocked. Freezing in a second. 

Owww damn fucking true. When I heard those sentences from my five hundred thousand-friend, I laugh loudly. 

My happiness today only cost 3000 rupiahs, if I compare it my trip to Japan (it must be super costly) I can't guarantee that I'll have same happiness as I feel today. So fuck off Japan, we're not gonna meet in a while but maybe some day. Just wait and see.

And,you're broke doesn't mean you're not deserve happiness. Your vacation could be cheap enough, but it can be more expensive to feel the joyful and the happiness.

From that, I stopped comparing what I'm doing with my top-level friend on Instagram. I have no feeling when I saw my fabulous friend show off what they have and what they've been visited. I enjoy my cheap coffee cup, starring my laptop, and watching "funny video kitten" on Youtube. 

If this things already makes me happy, so what I'm afraid of? 

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  1. ahahah maybe that's all people problem in this era.. jealous what's on instagram timeline.. that makes us feels like just tiny and think that we are not important in this world.