People Must Give Their Best Shot

September 02, 2014

What's your ambition in life? If you hear that question, do you have words enough to answer it? Tell me.

People down, people screw up, they give up and move on. Times go fast, people doesn't change. We're grow up but trapped in unknown and unrealized conditions. People said and screamed, "Be Free!!! Be Free!!" 

They didn't know human have their own limit. God has been create the stories of us. We should not give a holy shit. Judging stupid thing, complaining simple thing, and let go every single chance we have.

Sweet things called love. Damn with it. Only first beginner of lover said that dirty thing. People who figure it out, that there's more important that some virus called monkey love. Every people have their own purpose and mission in order to the reason why they have to keep alive. Even they have to more competitive and do sacrifice to get what they wants.

But people give their best shoot. They did their best even had to fall down hundred times, give up thousand times, then woke up again and face the world. Past and experiences would be the best teacher in life. Brokenhearted was the one who push you up and flew you to the sky. (lid)

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