Met him and it just happened

October 07, 2020

Hello there, how are you? Hope you doing well and everything's okay. I rarely share my story about my man, my husband. Sometimes I'm too shy to adore him or I'm afraid my words are too beautiful or too naive to describe someone. 

As the title that I wrote above, yes, I met him and it just happened. Well, we're actually going to the same university in Malang, different faculty. I met him on the developer community, just because I enthusiast about tech. Randomly, I joined this community and I don't even know the topic that they discussed I just joined. At least I'm helping to organize if there's an event gathering or prepare the catering. 

Okay, back to my man. Me and him just knowing each other on the spot, even I forgot his name and his face back then. What I know, he's playing MOBA game where I played that too and randomly I come to him and ask him to play with me. He invited me to the Discords and we played together with his friends. 

And then, afterward, we just living as a game-friend. I never talk more than the game and the same as him. We suddenly busy with our own time, I got a new job and he needs to focus on his thesis. Then the end, it was around 2017 I guess. 

Long short story, I went to Jakarta for the long term since I got accepted into a new company. Then there's a moment I found the same community that I ever joined in Malang, it's the same community but chapter Jakarta. Then randomly, I contacted him and say hey do you remember me, are you come to this event, let's meet there. Since I'm new in Jakarta so that's why randomly I asked him. Even I don't know whether he's stayed in Jakarta or not.

He replied. He'll be there without I'm asking since he's more attached to the community. Well, okay, we met there. And nothing special happens. We have a small talk there and we go lunch together with the others, he and his friends have the plan to try new MRT and ask me to join, I reject it and they leave me alone at Sudirman FX mall. 

Another day, there's another tech event and I tagged him to joined with me. He agreed and like, okay let's meet there. The night before that event, I went to live music with my friend and try Soju for the first time. Then I woke up at 11AM which the event held at 8AM. I woke up with my phone full of miscalling from him. 

I texted him and asking where he was. He just said that he's going home because the event was canceled by the committee. I feel so bad, so I asked him to go out just for coffee time. He said that he's tired and I gave up. But then he replied, let's go but allow me to sleep since I'm too tired.

So we go there. We have a chit chat, coffee time, more fruitful than before and even we watch movies together on the same day. It's Spiderman Homecoming 2. 

Then I have my birthday. He asked me to go out. Randomly, he bought me 2 dolls from Miniso and we sit together at the ice cream cafe. 

"Are you usually giving a gift to someone who has a birthday?" I asked, bring up some atmosphere.

"No. Just a close friend." He replied, trying to hide his smile.

"So, we're close?"

Then he went speechless. "Umm..."

I raise my eyebrow and waiting for an answered, never let it go. 

"Well, you know..."

He said that he wanted to start a serious relationship. He asked for permission. If I allowed, he will go forward, if not he will step back. Such a gentle confession, I smiled.

Holding 2 cute Miniso dolls in front of Gelatto Cafe

Then it just happened. Second date, third date, until he invited me to meet his parents. Until I bring him to my hometown. It just happens just less than 3 months to prepare for our wedding. And boom, we made a vow and we officially wife and husband. We don't have a honeymoon since we're on very tight annual leave and I can't leave my job that long. 

He's not that sweet, not that plain. Such a typical man when I asked for help, would you please clean the bathroom? He did. Would you help me to dry the laundry meanwhile I wash it? Would you help me to mob the floor meanwhile I sweep it? He did.

Always be my best tester regardless of the food is bad or good

During my pregnancy, I feel lucky, he always able to accompany me for recurring control. He's warm and such a pillow talk. We talked about the hot topics on media, we talked about careers, talked about everything. Even we're still playing the same game that we played back then. 

Now, I'm 38 weeks old pregnancy. We're about to welcome our baby. A bit nervous but everything has been prepared. Mentally and physically.  I'm going to be a mom and he's going to be a dad. Wish us luck. 

So that's it. Our not-really-special story. Thanks for coming. Hope you are happy where you are, with your partner or with yourself.

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