What I learned from my adopted cat, don't give up

September 13, 2020

Hope you have a good day. Don't forget to take care of your self. Eat things that make you happy. Life just for once lah, enjoy, ok?

Every day is your learning. One of learn that I got from my adopted cat. Yes, a cat. A tiny creature that has fur, and is very, very cute. I don't know how God makes me a cat-person. The thing is, my heart was stunned when I saw a cat.

Three months ago, I came across an abandoned cat. Malnutrition, skin disease, and of course thirst for affection. This cat got my attention. I found this kitten smelling the trash and hoping it was food that would overcome its hunger.

I and my husband decided to take care of this kitten, bring her home, and promise to this kitten, "Dear Kitten, allow us to take care of you, we believe you deserve more than this."

A malnutrition kitten needs more time to recover. We named her "Meme" because we found her in May, so we always remember the time when we adopt her. She's really struggling even we already bring her home. We found that maybe half of her stomach full of trash. 

For the first time, this kitten looks like an alien. No hair on her head, crack voices but have wonderful eyes. She looks very sad, no hope in her eyes, she won't play with the other kitten in my house. We tried a lot to make her happy. But she seems like doesn't have a mission on her life.

When I imagined her life before, I feel so bad. How come this kitten fight for herself in the middle of a crowded road, feeding herself with treasure among the trash, but she just wants to live anyway. How hard life is, the cat never has a decision to end their life. Can we just reflect on this to our human life? 

I mean, how hard life is, just thinking about how to keep you stay on. Sometimes I feel so bad for people who decide to end their life. Why they think by ending their life, they think everything can be solved. They leave everything behind and for the thing that they've been, trough become meaningless.

Well, we didn't know what are people facing and the level of how they struggling. So that's why please forgive my words if I looked naive. What I'm trying to say, don't give up please, you didn't know that either now or later, you will find out that you deserved the happiness that you dream for. 

Back to my cat story. As time goes by we see major changes in her look.

She looks happier. She got healthier. She enjoys eating the food and play around with the other cats. 

Somehow I questioning, do the cat pray to God to be saved by? I don't know. What I know, the cat never gives up to make a life. Until somebody taking care of her and make her deserve the happiness that maybe she never imagine before.

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