What if you drown with your own expectations?

February 08, 2018

Photo by Evan Kirby on Unsplash
Living with expectations is necessary in order to survive. With no expectations is the same as having a car but no gas. Can not move or walk.
But having high expectations is also terrible. Same thing when you have wings to fly high, but when you’re in the sky, your wings are broken. You fell and drowned in the sea.

And now I’m drowning. In the deepest sea.

I always prepared something well. Always.

When I set goals, I make plans neatly and execute them well. And all the time that mantra has always worked.

I could get a chance to grow up when I was in college, I got academic pride (at least for myself and my family), achievements as a team leader, have a good communication marketing skill, and have a wide network.

But when I started out of my comfort zone,

I failed. The usual spell that I used usually, is not working.

I am really disappointed.

I was rejected by the companies I was dreaming about. And I’ve been planning my career since I stepped on my feet on campus.

I’ve done my life well. And it all went well, but not for now.

My sense of savor affects my body. I became lazy, discouraged, and lost my passion for life. I feel like I’m failing to be a human being.

Because I can not be what I want. I really became the worst human being in the world, more precisely the most failed person.

You know why ? Well, now it’s time to you to really listen me after reading the background of my words feeling above.

1. Apparently I was too high expectation

We may have expectations for life, but we must know where our capacity limits are. We should think more logically. It does not mean we feel low and lose. There is no story in life that tells stories to stop fighting.

We must fight buddy. Fight with the weapons we have.

2. I too compare myself with my friends who are successful with their careers

You know, I have lots of friends. Some of them are already flying high in the sky with their shining career. While I’m still crying over my unfortunate condition.

That’s what makes it worse. I am too busy comparing myself with them so forget to be more self-appreciating.

I should be proud of what I’ve got. Because I got it with effort and hard work. I can not disappoint myself before. I have to stop comparing myself with others and focus more on myself to make myself happy in the first place.

3. I think too much about reputation

I dreamed of working in a reputable company. Then when I saw my friends who had been accepted in the company that I dreamed of. I feel like,

“They can be there then why I’m not? Am I that stupid? Is my capacity as low as this?”

Then I went back to thinking, “Oh, no, this is not the point”.

Reputation is just reputation. What is more important than reputation is how you dare to be yourself. Whether working in a small or big company, as long as you can shine into yourself then it does not matter.

4. I feel I’m the best, I still have to learn again

When we always succeed in the same way, that does not mean we will win forever. God always has an interesting plan.

We should act as if our glass is empty. We must be willing to open ourselves to learn and not feel satisfied with knowledge. When we have enough capability and knowledge, do not be arrogant.

Please know, there are still many things you need to learn.

5. I’m not thankful, I should be able to accept what it is

This is last point that you really have to remember. Do not forget to be grateful. Grateful, grateful, and grateful.

Do not forget to always be grateful for what you’ve got. Whether it’s a disaster or a livelihood, you have to thankful to God, your family, your friend, to people who create you until became this person.

Do not look up too far. Look down. There are still many unlucky people and you are still much better than them.

So do not worry.

You’ve done your best even if you’re failing now. This sounds classic, but it’s the process of living. To succeed, sometimes you have to fall over and over again.

What you need to pay attention to, never run out of gas to run your car. Because the journey is still long. And that’s still a mystery. So enjoy every breath you exhale and do not forget to be grateful for the happiness.

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