28 Januari 2015, 22.23 WIB

February 04, 2015

Malem ini bingung harus ngapain. Liburan semester masih panjang. Keadaan rumah berubah 180 derajat dari liburan semester yang lalu. 

Home wasn't home anymore. It's empty. My mom have to left house for earn money, my beloved lil sister and brother have to stay in my aunt's house which it far away from house. I need to take one hour to see both of them by motorcycle. You know, time went fast and life changed without warning. Everyhting already change. I miss them, I miss the moment, I lost them for a while. We separate by destiny and I need to be patient enough to wait when will we be united again. And for another remaining, my home is empty. Yes, it's empty.
Bingung nih harus nulis apa. No one will undestand what I feel right now. Detik berlalu dan aku cuma mainan keyboard di depan laptop warisan dari sepupu. Rasanya Malang lebih menghangatkan daripada rumah kosong dimana aku duduk sekarang. Nova dan Farel pasti sudah tidur nyaman di rumah bude. Mama pasti lagi sibuk kerja demi perjalanan masa depan anaknya. Lidya? Lidya lagi demotivated.

What will you do when you feel beban ada di atas kepalamu dan you have to face it all alone? I'd like tell my story to my friend, but they just mengangguk dan menepuk pundak. No advice. Mau cerita ke mama, No, your mother still got a lot problem, please do not bother her anymore. Mau cerita ke bude, please, will she understand what you talking about? Okay, the thing you must remember always, you're alone and you have to face it all alone. No repeat, that's clear enough.

To be honest, gak ada orang yang bisa disandari dan dimintai saran. What should I do?

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