How to Be a Millennials in Our Digital World

October 19, 2018

Well, actually I don't have capacity enough to tell you how to be a good millenials in this digital world. But maybe, just maybe, there's something that I can help to figure it out who you are.

mil·len·nial means a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. I don't explain literally what millennials are, Google helps you more than read my story. What I want to share is how to be the ideal millennials in this digital world.

Academic is not enough, you need other additional knowledge
We learn and graduate from a reputable school, it does not guarantee that our lives will be safe. We still need to learn new things that can make us adapt to this world. Skill and attitude is your weapon to be someone.
If you can write, don't just be a writer. Writing is the ability you already have, looking for new abilities that you can learn and use.

Be original, be authentic, and just be your best self
Maybe we can choose "adjust" instead of using "adapt" as one of your capability. Many people over-think in the situation & change their behavior in order to "fit in".
Not all people may like you but, as long as you do the right thing, seems like there's nothing to be afraid of. The thing is, always be yourself and be authentic.

Leverage your tech literacy, make yourself Tech-Savvy
You must have social media. Not only as tool of existence, but also a tool to build your personal branding. Social media is only basic, there are many other technology tools that you need to learn to support your abilities. Use digital technology to make your short-cut work.

Focus, Persistent, and Never Give Up
Indomie still needs to be processed even though it's instant food. Instead of focusing on something that comes instant, focus on acceleration. Make 8 hours become 6 hours effective or shorter. Spend a lot of time learning while young.
If the results aren’t immediately what you expected or hoped for, don’t stop. Reflect, learn and go again. Yay!

Sky is your limit, be brave and adventurous
Being millenials, don't accept the old-existing work processes & procedures. Create more short-cut way and stay "out of the box".

Follow you dreams, but also remain flexible and willing to adapt to changing circumstances. Because the eternal in this world is only a change. Get used to it :)

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