Somehow we need to be selfish

January 06, 2018

Photo by Siddharth Bhogra on Unsplash

One of my weakness; I can’t say no to people who ask for a help. This is kind of my local character which concern about feeling guilty when refusing people who ask for a help. 
Especially from Javanese people, and fortunately I’m the one of.

Every people around me, either my closest friend until stranger, I can’t say no if they need me to do something. Actually it’s hurting me, because I have another responsibility but I need to help people just because I will feel guilty if I refused it. 

In fact, it will bothering me but I can’t do nothing with it.

But do you know? The more you’re too sweet or too kind to people, they only took you for granted. Related with my topic above; somehow we need to be selfish. Selfishness is not a negative connotation that is often used by many people to blame others. 

No, guys. 

Well, let me clear out about definition of Selfish it self.

Selfishness is a human nature, because human nature is concerned with self-interest above mutual interest. Selfishness is an attitude of self-importance without thinking of its effects on others. And a selfish person never thinks whether the action is harming others or not.

From the above explanation, selfish sounded negative right? But again, do you know? Selfishness can also have a positive effect on you. Selfish people have traits that tend to treat themselves well. You will have more time to take care of yourself, such as exercising and eating healthy foods.

A selfish person has an unyielding nature. They will do anything to achieve their goals, for that selfishness is sometimes good enough to be a leader. To make others happy, we should make ourselves happy first, right?

By selfishness, then you will meet your needs first and this right will make you feel happier. You do not need to meet the demands of others to make them happy at the expense of your happiness.

This does not mean I’m telling you to be 100% selfish. Come on, you know I did not mean to make you worse, right? The selfish understanding I described above is to make you more independent. More concerned with your own interests than the request of others who will be troublesome you.

To be happy we need to make ourselves happy first. That’s it.

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