Happiness is Enough

June 29, 2016

Hi, fellas. How was your day? Hope you always doing well there.

What will you do when you have long day, free days, do what you want, and you have no burden on your back. It must be good to hear, right? Wait, that's not my condition but I'll tell you a story.

I'm a woman who almost reach her 21th. Well, you can count 28 days from now on. Don't forget to say happy birthday to me when the day comes :D

My college study almost end, there are no more classes, but I still have responsibilities to finish my internship report and of course, the monster of term & condition to get your titled -->> a script as your final assignment.

You know, even now I still can't believe I almost 21th! I still remember when I played with my bear doll as my baby and I imagined that I was a rich woman with great husband. And I still wonder does it comes true or just 8 years old girl dream? Sounds so childish? But yes, that's a memory I can remembered.

Well, let's talk about happiness because I'm trying to figure it out that word means. Wikipedia said, Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.
Are you agree with Wikipedia?
I think people have their own opinion, but, would you mind to hear mine?

For me, happiness is when you feel enough. I know, human's need is unlimited. They never satisifed for what they've done and got, always need more and more. I think you know better about the unlimited need of human, because you feel it too? Am I wrong?

And here we now, facing our destiny and we fight for our faith. Look at me now, sitting on my dinning table, starring my laptop and thinking. What happiness is? Why people fought hard to find it?

Happiness is not a future. You can't claim your bright future as your happiness. Happiness is not a goal, but the goal itself is you. You made your own happiness. How? Many people didn't know how to find a happiness, but if I may corrected. They're wrong when they said "I don't know how to find happiness" but actuaclly, they did not "realized" their happiness.

What I will to do for this next two years? This next year? This month? Or even for tomorrow? Well, we have no times to plan for our happiness. Happines is not game planning. We never satisfied for what we've got because we're always planning. I fucked up with plans, let me ask you, does your 2016 resolution comes out? For once or real?

Dory ever said, "We're doing something by chance, not by plan" and I agreed with her. I don't have any plan for my future but I put my goal on my prirotity and just let it flow. We define what we want to reach but let God show us the way. I mean, don't regret anything that you haven't but be grateful. That's how to enjoy life, as far as I know.

You can blame me for this, but as I said, happiness is when you feel enough. Look at you. You've been grow up and surrounding by people who loves you. I know, there's no happy family like tv series but don't you ever feel less. You're more than you thinking but just you haven't realized it yet. You may ever feel that you're the worst, regreting why you've been born in this earth. Or, you asking why you're not born as royal family but farmer?

Well, are you feel enough for what you have? Are you hungry till you feel the death? Your part of bodies is not working? You broke with someone? At least, you still can breath, and better if you can sleep well. Because not all people on this earth can feel it.

My last words, be happy. Be happy by feeling enough for what you have now. Love your parents, love your sister and brother, love your friends, and don't hurt people before they leave you without words. Where's a happiness exist, there must be a sadness. So face it. I'm grateful because I'm getting old and I've learned so much. I'm grateful because I still have a chance and a time, to keep my happiness and sadness alive as well. Do you?

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  1. I really like the way u write, really inspiring! keep it up and be happy :)

    1. Thank you, Makrina. You too, must be more inspiring than me :)