Goodbye Malang, thank you for everything we’ve been through together

December 11, 2018

How I can describe Malang in one word? I think I can’t. This city contribute how I can grow up until now. This could be one of my moment that I won’t forget. The day, the last day how I leave this city, Malang. It’s today.

The sky is grey, little bit dark. Seems like it’s a goodbye sign from Malang. Letting me go to leave this city, a city that represents everything of me.

It has been almost five years I’m here. I was here. I remember, the day when I registered and confirmed become student of communication science in Brawijaya University. Until a year ago, I’m officially graduate. Yay! (It’s a 'yay' with poker face)

Oh God, times went so fast. How many hundred and thousand memories flew, let me to meet people, involving my feeling and I ain’t regret anything. Anything.

When I wrote this. I can’t handle it, I cried. I remember in the first and middle of this year, I fucked up with this city. Like I want to leave this city, this city too sucks, bla bla and bla. Stucking my self, “Why I’m still here?”

Fuck you Malang. But it was… a moment ago.

God is smart, and totally can make everything turn 180 degree of life. It happens to me. When I feel safe and sound with this city, in the same time, I have to leave this city to continue my step of life-changing experience.

To the people I promised before, I’m sorry for the thing that I can’t complish. I’m sorry for my friends that I bothered you and forget to say thank you, really, it means a lot for me in many aspects.

From the bottom of my heart, I do really happy for everything that happen to me in this city. Malang, you make me taught and stronger than before. Thank you for making me ready to fly and challenged my self to be set in another city. To the place where I belong.

My “thank you” for Malang and for people I met here, it’s like I’m breathing. It’s always be said in my heart. And again, sorry for everything that I promised before, I can’t completed it.

See you when we see you again, Malang and people that I met here. You guys means a lot for me. Really.

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