a man with attitude is far far better than a man with brain

May 13, 2017

This is just a random post. Yesterday I spent time to talk with my girl group and we talk a lot about man. We're not going to talk about boy anymore, because in this age, we really didn't need boy, we need a man. But, what kind of man?

Couple days ago me and my friend watched Critical Eleven movie. It was a good movie, the one and only movie which have love conflict without third parties. It's about wife and husband, who fight a lot to make their family stronger. What make it as good movie, because every scene looks natural and it's real, I mean every wife and husband within family must have some issue related to that movie.

When I was 15 to 17, I was thinking a boy that I want, he must be handsome and cool. When I was 18 to 20, I was thinking a boy that I want, he must be smart and clever. At that time, I need a man with a brain. But now, when I was 21, in this age, I was thinking a man with brain is no longer exist. A man with attitude is far far better and that attitude is number one. How could I think that far? That's not subjective, I have same perspective with the same women like me. But still, another perspective still alive.

In my opinion, the definition of being cool is not about have good looking and nice ride. I will appreciate a man who look cool when they doing their job by their passion. Nothing is more enchanting than a man who has a high passion on himself rather than a man still unclear where he is going. A man like that? Like a limited edition item that many women have been waiting for.

I can not judge much about the man who has manners. The simple thing a man who has the courtesy is like opening the door first, saying goodbye when parting, solving the problem wisely and many. As well as women, I think good men destined side by side with good woman too, and vice versa. 

I have a friend, she is 27 years old, she asked me, "Lidya, what do you think makes people single for too long?" I think people choose to be alone not because they do not get a pair, they're upgrading, such as an upgrade to become the best version of themselves. If you asking yourself why you still single, it just because you haven't meet the right person and not in the right time. You have a time to upgrade your self being better and far far better. How I can say this? When I was 18, I've liked someone. I chased him and tried to get his attention. But it seems he is not interested in me and my efforts are in vain. The thing I do is make myself better until finally when I look at the boy I've ever liked, I'm not at all interested in him because I feel better than him and of course, I have better criteria for the guy I like. I've upgraded, also my will to someone I want to, is upgrading too.

I think this is not just my opinion but some people are experiencing the same thing, isn't it?I do not know why we talk so far. I'm too subjective to write this but this is what I feel. Now it's my turn to ask you, what do you think about woman with manners?

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