What is "Om Telolet Om!" Mean?

December 21, 2016

Here's the thing we know: OM TELOLET OM TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

I'll explain it one by one. What is the meaning OM TELOLET OM and why it can explode in the world of dance music, even billboards posted an article about it.

1. What is OM TELOLET OM mean?
Om mean uncle. Telolet is onomatopoeia Indonesian city bus, representing the sound of buses's horn.
So, let's translate 'OM TELOLET OM' and you can understand it with "Uncle horn the bus, uncle!"
See? That simple.

2. How OM TELOLET OM work?
You can type OM TELOLET OM on Youtube and find some video that might explain how it works. How this joke work, when a small group of children waiting for a public bus pass by and yell "OM TELOLET OM", then the bus driver honked their horns. Yeah, that's kind of lil tradition kids in Indonesia to make fun.

3. When OM TELOLET OM go international?
Before go international, OM TELOLET OM already adopted by indonesian meme comedies and suddenly become viral. Not only kids doing the OM TELOLET OM but also adults play it as joke, even they try to yell it on plane! It's like snowball and boom, everyone spread the OM TELOLET OM by spamming comment on people's social media, to challenge them to make things of TELOLET.
As you know, Indonesian netizen spread the "OM TELOLET OM" comments on DJ's social media over the world.
And here the reaction!

You can see it, even DJ Snake and Dillon put OM TELOLET OM comment on Donald Trump's Instagram. But also you can see it, Alesso feel annoyed by OM TELOLET OM comments. Those DJ's reactions make OM TELOLET OM more trolling and become viral. 
Me, even you, even all Indonesian people, never expect if this OM TELOLET OM got those reaction from all DJ over the world. Because it's already goes viral, so let it be. And I can assume that there's two types people in this world:
1. Enjoy the trolling and accept that OM TELOLET OM is funny
2. Don't know the point of OM TELOLET OM, at all

Anyway, I hope "OM TELOLET OM" would not create a world war III. It's not hurting anyone but maybe, just maybe, sounds annoying. Can you imagine your feed over flooded by the comments of OM TELOLET OM?

But let's see how OM TELOLET OM aka UNCLE HONK THE BUS UNCLE creating the world reaction. That's all I know, and note this, OM TELOLET OM is not a sly marketing strategy. Because it's just....a....joke....

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