Want To Hear an Awesome Story?

November 23, 2016

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Hi there. How are you today? Hope all of you really really good. Well, it's kind of my thought. I do really want to share those things, things that happen to my current days. So, want to hear an awesome story?

Well, it's not literally "awesome" as you imagine. Anyway, let's see how I can tell you.

I often hear people complain about their lives. Complain why they not born in the middle of royal family, complained why it was raining at the wrong time, complain why their days become junk and useless, and keep complaining until make them shout "WHY ME?".

Not to mention, they always compare their lives among other's better life.

They said, "Maybe he's lucky and I'm not."

They said, "That's because he rich and smart! That's why, he got better life than me."

They said, "Oh, she's beautiful but doesn't have brain. So, let say she sold her body for what she became now."

Can you, stop saying that?

There's no accidental or luckiness in this world. In fact, you already know that the leaves are falling to the ground is already planned by God? People deserved their life more than anything. No matter their broke af, rich af, they deserved it. So noted it.

And now, back to you. Who are you? Are you feeling graceful and thankful for what you become? Not yet? Well, that was because you're wrong. You didn't love yourself, you always set down among others, you always think you're incapable and stupid. Am I right?

Based on your age, you're no longer child or teenager anymore right? So, please don't be stupid and immature at your age. Be mature, wise, and more responsible for your life. The only  one who can decide what you want to be is you, not your mom, dad, friend, even your lover. All is your own. So noted it again.

Let me tell you my awesome story. Like I said before, I often hear people complaining their broken of something. At that time, I only put my self as good listener (nothing's better than a good listener for your bad day, right?)

Well, you know,

I always shout to my self to keep less complaining. I know, you know, hearing other's complaining is suck, I mean, you have your own problem then why you have to listen their problem?

My life totally suck. Yea, totally. You don't believe me? Well, I told you. I was broken home since 5 years old, I have to live with my aunt and life separately with my mom until senior high school. And then my mom came back with new life and yes, new family. Don't worry, I can adjust with it and I love my family more than anything. And then, in the new of 2015 my stepfather passed away. Leave us for nothing. NOTHING!

It's hard to believe it, my mother decided to work overseas as maids. Can you believe it? MAID! It was like my spinning wheel of life goes down, really really underground. I've thought how if I jump from 7th floor of building and how it was like? Yes, I will die and leave for nothing. People just talked about me for a week, send me a flower and that's all. Even I think maybe I need to put free wifi in my grave so people will stay longer for it.


I know at that time, complaining is not a cure. Complaining will not cure anything. I never complaining and told this to my friend, like shouting "WHY ME?" because I know, somehow, just maybe, they have much much worse problem than me. Who knows?

The only thing I do: I kept my power. I move forward not backward. Your past just a memory, at all, you need to be focus for what you want to be in the next day or year. I know what I want to be and I find a way how I can get it. That's the way I livin' in.

Do you even know Selena's speech on AMAs? She said, "if you are broken, you do not have to stay broken." And I agreed with her.

Well, that's kind of my awesome story. Why I mentioned it as an awesome story, I think you already knew it.

How I describe an awesome story, when you feel you're broken but you didn't stay broken. You know how to finished your own shit, you know what you want to be, you just... feel grateful and thankful for what you became now. Do you have any conclusion for this? I will let you explain it by yourself. So tell me about your awesome story, tell me you have better story because I would be really happy to hear it from you.

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