Review Special A (Comic and Anime)

November 24, 2010

Hi, there. So this is my first post. Watching anime or read comic are one of my hobbies, so let me introduce you one of my favorite comic. I read this comic and watch the anime, so love-able and the characters really cute. This comic maybe quietly cheesy or clumsy, but for teenage dream this is great. Check out!


First of all, I like Hikari Hanazono and Takishima Kei, they're main character in this story. From introduction, they both are rivals. But eventually they both fell in love. 
Not only Hikari and Kei, in this story also put another character which make this comic powerful and each member/character have their own story. Many story here that will make you happy or guilty, lol.

But, I won't give any synopsis of this comic because it will reflect to spoiler and I'm not bad girl, spoiler is criminal you know. Lol.
I just recommend you to watch this anime or read the comic. Anyway, I love the way Hikari and Kei fighting together for their own good. Some character that will surprise are Tadashi, Yahiro, Megumi, Jun, and Akira.

Happy Watching Minna-san!!


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  1. oh i see, you're anime lovers, isn't it?

    so what comic do you love for this time

    1. Wah kamu kepo sampai ke dasar dasar jurang sini ya